New Young Entrepreneurs Erasmus+ Training Course

In Macedonia, 26 participants from Greece, Montenegro, Italy, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Poland gathered at the New Young Entrepreneurs project organized by the Youth Alliance on 3-9 March 2020.

In the project, it has been discussed that what can be done against high rates of youth unemployment. According to the surveys, high unemployment rates were the biggest reason why young individuals left their countries.

Aims of the project are young people should be encouraged to think and act innovatively and they need to see the non-formal learning as a source for new skills, civic participation, autonomy, and self-esteem. The training course ‘New young entrepreneurs’ is focused on developing youth workers’ s/leader’s skills and competencies for stimulating young people’s initiative, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as ensuring the existence of opportunities to further develop these competencies.

The sessions organized to equip youth workers/leaders with new tools, competences, and knowledge to work with young people in order: stimulating their spirit of initiative, their preparation for entrance into labor market, their ability for active participation and development own enterprises; to prepare participants to transfer the acquired knowledge, new tools and new skills with other youth workers/leaders in their countries (multiplier effect) and apply them in their work with young people particularly in work with young unemployed people; to promote international cooperation, sustain and widen existing networks of youth workers and youth leaders, and initiate projects with multilateral approach to youth employment and youth participation.

As volunteers of the aktiF-İz Youth Community, we have also made presentations with the idea of a new project in groups as well as presentations on youth unemployment. 

In the open space session, people talked about their own experience and specialization. 

Participants of each country gave examples of social initiatives from their countries. As the Turkish team, we have interviewed the owner of Çengel Cafe. Çengel Cafe is a social initiative that aims to increase awareness regarding the individuals with disabilities that they are part of the society in which we live together, you can reach the address via this link.