aktiF-İz Youth Community is an informal youth group founded in 2011. Since then, we implemented many projects for young people with fewer opportunities (orphans, young people with disabilities, and people with social disabilities), vulnerable groups, university students and volunteers in the civil society field. Our target group is youth. We aim to help youth who are lack of opportunities to improve themselves and bring positive change to the world. We organize youth projects, campaigns, and activities mostly through non-formal education methods in order to raise awareness and encourage different youth groups to involve in solutions to the problems. We cooperate with youth-led organizations and other relevant institutions working in the youth field.

The themes of the projects that we implemented and are experienced are;

-Youth(participation, policies, employment)



-Digital Skills

-Social Responsibility

Briefly our activities/projects;

Projects we implemented and/or supporte;

*Sen Gelecekteki Bensin  – You are my Future YiA Action 1.2 Youth Initiative Project  TR-12- 767-2011- R5

*İşimiz Gücümüz Meslekler (İGM) – Our Work, Our Power is Jobs YiA Action 1.2 Youth Initiative Project  TR-12- E728-2012-R3

*Bir İyilik Yap, Çöpe At! – Do a Favor, Throw Bin!  YiA Action 1.2 Youth Initiative Project TR-12- E110-2013- R1

*Şimdi Ben Senim – Step Into Others; Shoes (SITOS)  YiA Action 1.1 Youth Exchange Project TR-11- E558-2013- R2

*Mutluluk İçinde – Happiness is NOT Far Away (HAFA) Erasmus+ KA-1 Youth Exchange Project 2014-2- TR01-KA105- 012477

*Empati: Hepimiz Potansiyel Mülteciyiz! – Empathy: We are All Potential Refugees!  Erasmus+ KA-1 Youth Exchange Project 2016-3-TR01-KA105-037103

*Girişimcilik vs Yurt Çocukları 1.0: İlk Adımlar | Entrepreneurship vs Orphans 1.0 : Baby Steps Erasmus+  KA-1 Youth Exchange Project 2017-1-TR01-KA105-042936

*Glamorize With Non-Formal Learning” implemented in Ankara between 26 August – 3 September 2018 by aktiF-İz Y.C. (Project Number: 2017-3-TR01-KA105-048414)

Youth exchange or training course projects attended abroad

*GET IN NET – GIN TCP Training Course | 21-26 September 2010 Murcia / Spain (After this project, aGT has founded)

*Mountain – A Good Place For Knowing Each Other YiA Action 1.1 Project BG11 / A1.1 / 486 / R4 Bulgaria

*Do It NATURally Training Course | 9-17 May 2014 Vlesenica / Bosnia and Herzegovina

*New Program, New Future Erasmus + KA-1 Youth Workers’ Mobility | 15 – 22 September 2014 Malaga / Spain

*Chance Takers Future Makers – Youth Against Unemployment Erasmus + KA-1 Youth Exchange | 01-09 October 2015, Sremski Karlovci / Serbia

* Non-Formal Education in Erasmus+ Training Course | April 18-23, 2016 | Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

*14th International Youth Conference on European Values for the future of SEE Countries, Youth Alliance, 22-26.09.2016, Macedonia

*Challenge to Change on Youth Policy, Erasmus+ TC Project, Youth Council of Kljuc, 24.02-5.03.2017, Bosnia-Herzegovina

*Create YOU(th) SIDE Erasmus+ KA-1 Mobility Of Youth Workers (Training Course) | 15-22 October 2017 Wicklow/Ireland (Organisation: Eurobug)

*Dive Deeper Into Social Entrepreneurship KA2 Strategic Partnership (Training Course) | 3-9 March 2018 Iasi/Romania (Organisation: EuroDEMOS-Youth Alliance)

Moreover, we are organizing the annual Social Responsibility Projects Congress which is a unique event within its class in Turkey as well as in the world. Congress has been implemented each year since 2014. Good project examples were given the opportunity to be shared widely in order to increase the quality of projects. The last congress was organized on 28th of April, 2018. (  | )

Additionally, regular meetings are held with the Board of Coordinators in which consist of young people and training/interview/awareness activities organized in the local area. aktif-iz Youth Community continues to change the world with the perspective of young people. | — |


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Promoter’s legal name (national language) aktiF-İz Gençlik Topluluğu
Promoter’s legal name (latin characters) aktiF-Iz Youth Community
Acronym, if applicable aGT
PIC number 946478277
Legal address TCDD 3. Bölge Müdürlüğü Atatürk Cad. No: 121A Alsancak/Konak/İzmir
Postal code 35220
City İzmir
Country Turkey
Region İzmir
Web site
Telephone 00 90 554 788 56 69
Fax 00 90 312 311 53 05
The person authorized to legally commit the promoter (legal representative)
Title Mr
Family name YARDIM
First name Ümit
Position President
Telephone 00 90 554 788 56 69
Person responsible for the implementation of the action (contact person)
Title Ms
Family name BAYINDIR
First name Yağmur
Position Project Coordinator
Telephone 00 90 553 762 03 14